Using a manual pump supplied with your kayak is easy and straightforward, and a great pre-paddle warm up! 

First step - assemble the pump and attach to the Kayak valve

Kayak Pump:

The gauge for the kayak pump will come attached to the pump, but not assembled. 

  • Unwrap the gauge and attach to the pump outlet.
  • Attach the pump hose to the gauge
  • Attach the hose to the kayak and inflate to 1.5 psi.

Inflating a Kayak

  • Unroll and unfold the kayak and lay flat on a smooth surface - do not set up on sharp rocks or shells, or drag the kayak.
  • Ensure the side tube valves are securely screwed into their ring plate. Attach the air tap on your pump to each side tube, inflating to 1.5 PSI / 0.1 bar. Once inflated, firmly cap the valve. 
  • Follow the same procedure for the kayak floor. Secure the valve to the ring plate, attach the pump air tap and inflate to 1.5 PSI / 0.1 bar. Cap the valve when done.
  • Check the kayak looks straight. If a twist is present, deflate, adjust and re-inflate.