Are you looking for a board that will take you out on the waves, or considering something that can dabble in both? This article will help to outline the main differences between our regular and surf SUP boards.

Surf SUP boards are shorter. Both the Aquaplanet Wingtail and the Hurley Phantomsurf Ombre are 9' boards.

  • This allows them to turn more easily making them much more versatile whilst surfing. 
  • It does however mean that if you are standing still or moving slowly the board will be much less stable than a bigger SUP.
  • These boards are only 4" thick, and so they will sit lower in the water as well, depending on how heavy the paddler is.

One of the leisure boards, such as the 10' Allround Ten will still be able to surf in straight lines on small waves.

  • It will be harder and slower to turn on a wave than a shorter SUP designed for this purpose. 
  • It will not be suitable for using in larger waves above waist height.
  • It will however be suitable for using in more leisurely SUP activities, such as a sunset paddle on calm waters.

If you are seeking big waves and the ability to perform sharp turns, the Wingtail is the best choice. If you are after a chill paddle on open waters, however, the surf SUPs will be outdone by a bigger board from our leisure range, such as the Aquaplanet Pace or Hurley Phantomtour Paradise.