Yes, we have lots of customers who love taking their pooch with them on adventures!

Here are a few helpful things to consider:

  • Are you making sure your four-legged friend is safe?
    • We have pet buoyancy aids available on our UK site to help keep your dog safe. These are available elsewhere if we don't sell them in your area.
  • Are your dog's claws sharp?
    • Our iSUPs are tough enough to withstand some small scratches, plus they have a deckpad for extra protection, but if you are taking an inflatable kayak or other inflatable craft you may want to pop a towel down first to avoid any damage.
  • How much does your dog weigh?
    • This may not be a problem with a chihuahua, but if you have a large breed the maximum paddler weight limit for your board is worth considering, otherwise you could end up sitting quite low in the water or becoming unstable