This clever invention is an inflatable, multi purpose, portable load carrier that fits most cars. It can be fitted and removed in just minutes. 

What do you get in the kit?

Included in the kit:

2 x Inflatable roof pads
2 x Ratchet straps
1 x Storage bag

Unpack and roll out flat.

Release strap from buckle.

Open the valve and the rack will self inflate.
Once fully inflated, close the valve.

On first use the material will take up to 24 hours to recover from being packed up. To speed up inflation, you can blow air into the valve.

STEP 3: 

Open vehicle interior and place rack on top of the vehicle.


STEP 4: 

Circle strap through the vehicle interior and thread through the buckle on the end of the rack to tighten as shown.

Close all doors.

Tie off excess strap.


Repeat steps 1-4 for the second rack.

STEP 6: 

When the racks are not in use; remove from the vehicle. Open air valve, lay rack out flat and roll it up tight.

Close the air valve to keep the rack deflated for the compact storage in bag.